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 Sometimes you need to Cover Blind Compartments, Voids... so
   I had some lightweight galvanised angle laying around.. as you do... and figured it would suit. I tried two mehods of preventing the epoxy from sticking to the metal, using plastic packing tape and black builders plastic. It came off better with the black plastic but had the smoother finish with the tape. Take your pick. I tried with and without the peel ply. I figured on snading the surface anyway so gave the peel ply a miss after the first go.
   So, wet the tape and lay it in and use whatever you can to clamp the two angles together to make a tape sandwich.
   When the tape has gone firm but still green, use your box knife to trim off those deadly sharp edges.
   But keep in mind that the epoxy will take days to go off properly so store the extracted angles where they will keep their shape. I stuck some in a shed while green and when I went to use them they were twisted up. They still worked.
   I cut to size and mix up a glue and apply plenty and screw the parts in place (short screws that DO NOT penetrate the panels).
    Later, after cutting out the flick up rudder sections and installing the inner bulkheads, I put two coats of epoxy on the inside of the duflex panels to seal them, at the right time of day... and take that opportunity to also extract the screws and fill the holes. Then installed the other angles and a peice of timber laminated in place and sanded to correct angle. When ready to cover with a panel, a generous mix of glue-bogg applied to the parts and a weight on top to even it all out and you are ready to tape the upper panels edge.