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 Main Cabin Bulkhead and Cockpit
 Before I painted myself into a corner I knocked up a bed frame. I used 9mm ply which in retrospcet, I would have used polycore. Much stiffer still pretty cheap. I had a lot of screwing around to do to brace the ply up. Great for verticle but shithouse for horizontal applications... when will I learn!
   The bulkhead is made up from 4 sheets of 15mm, 80 KG foam. I joined some but left the split in the middle. This was purposeful. I wanted a strong beam there and when joined with 750 tri ax tape I will have that!! Where the windows are cut leaves the pillars between them where the glass roll will overlap so that pillar will be a strong point. I engineered this to be stronger than normal. This will leave the option open for mounting main sheets and other high stress gear on the cabin top if desired. I also made the bulkhead taller as I had a plan in my head to modify the whole cabin shape and design.
   I didn't bother putting resin in the areas that were to be cut out but on this big door, wish I had. The scrap would have been useful.
   The stiffening supports under the deck were poor in design and execution. But sense then I had learned how to properly work unidirectional glass. So, to stiffwn the deck further AND to provide a ridiculously firm foundation for the bulkhead that, as I mentioned, may have load bearing duties, I laid about 12 layers of 850 gram by 150mm wide tape.
   With the halfs taped together I sawed out the window and door aperatures.
   I am using a diamond saw blade you can get at any hardware store menat for cutting tiles for the straight lines.
   Then for the curves I use a jig saw blade with carbide embedded in it, no teeth. Works perfect.
   done.. I really really like foam!
   Like a glove...
   Jigged up to check fit to deck panels.. little touch here and there.
   And a timber straight edge before taping in...
   There we go. and the stiffening was as good or better than I hoped. Did wonders for the deck.
   The corner is a peice of salvaged PVC pipe from my mate Bill in Boonooroo who is the collecter of such things in town and has been a big help. This is the time to use those damn scraps that have been in the way all this time as below...
   I fasten on the outside usually, then tape on the inside. You have to sand the PVC to make sure it will stick OK.
   Pretty sexy looking hey!
   Tape is organised for a taping job inside.
   That has to be done in the evening... bloody duflex .....
   And just to make sure it's tough enough... I inlaid a rolled up tape of 850 grm uni all around the door and put peel ply on the straight sections. Talk about stiff!!!
   Anywa.. you do these bunch of complicated little jobs as they fit in to bigger things and eventually it gets there. this is quite a bit later and the deck has been shaped and ready for the last tapes when conditions allow.

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