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Mounting the board cases
   I had to cut some of the deck away to fit the cases as the top of the tent was in the way. I've screwed in the piece of ply to true up the cutout. I've got a floor jack holding up the other end.
   It is ready to tape in. I'll do all the inside prior to the outside.
   And this is how I do it. I cut the excess away. I decored the top of the case to a depth of about 25mm(1"). and sanded flat. I then laid over a piece of 800 gram DB to cover the top of the case and the line where I cut deck away to insert the case. I applied bogg as soon as I could and cut away the glass that was covering the case hole.
   Decoring and laminating over it leaves a clean professional looking fit and I think engineering wise it is sound. The bottom ends were done the same way but I didn't get pics of them.

 This is how I fitted the boards. I have a piece of marine carpeting at the forward and aft ends, held in place by a screwed in metal guide. The carpet extends all the way to the bottom. There is no carpet in the middle section.


The result? The boards don't rattle about and are much easier to move up or down at speed. Couldn't ask for better.


 This shows a key part of the structure of the bottom inside. The triangle aft is taped in along with the bottom of the case. It has a bed of uni under it as well. Three layers of 750gram tri ax on each side. plus a layer of 450 DB over the lot.

The top isn't quite as heavy duty but still I didn't skimp on material.


I used stringers for shelving, as you do.


The leading edge of the board should be positioned about 180mm back from the main beam.


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