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 Part 5!

Do I really need to muster the bloody neighbourhood to do this...???????? NAH!

 So here is where we left off last cycle on this hull. I'm doing this without the major bulkheads in place which makes it lighter but also less rigid. I'll need to take precaution to insure it isn't damaged or miss aligned by the move.
 So.. as I remove the supports I install bits of 2X4 to shore up the sheer and chanfer panel.
 I used a floor jack to lift it out of the frames, dropped it on the ground and man handled it over to the other side of the tent so it will wind up back where I want it. 
 So... whilst I'm feeling like tarzan...
OK... so that didn't work...
That didn't work either...
When in doubt, get out the "come-along".
 Here is where I ran out of cable.
But maybe I can man handle it from here...

No worries.... but, care now needs to be taken to make sure it is straight and well supported so I did put legs under the chamfer panel and fastened to timber inside. I sited down the chines and ran a spirit level at 1 metre intervals on the keel panel to keep from getting a twist in the length of it.

BTW... if you read last installment, you may remember I was calling this tent "the swamp". As I did this flip it was almost dry. Took a month of dry weather to do it.

And one more thing... I talked to a local boat builder who remarked on this page. He asked "how did you really do it"? He thought I had tricked or exaggerated the simplicity of this. He could not believe that one person could flip 12 metre cat hulls. However, what you see is exactly how it was done.